Western Highway- Burrumbeet to Beaufort & Remembrance Drive

The Western Highway duplication is one of the most significant large-scale landscaping projects in the Ballarat region. The project includes 25km of road infrastructure landscaping and revegetation including the regionally significant Remembrance Drive interchange.

Ecodynamics' involvement with the project began with a value engineering review of the landscape design. Significant savings were generated for our client while maintaining the integrity of the overall design. Throughout the works Ecodynamics made great efforts to involve the local community in the delivery of the project. This strategy has included hiring locally and utilising local suppliers to assist with the supply and installation of 20ha of mulching, 200ha of native and exotic grassing and over 250,000 plants.

The standout feature of the project is the Remembrance Drive interchange landscape where fine detailed earthworks incorporating steel edging, recycled coloured timber and brick mulch finishes have combined with a large range of specialty tubestock and advanced trees to produce a beautiful and enduring tribute to mark the 100 year anniversary of the Anzac day landings at Gallipoli. Ecodynamics is also proud to have been involved in the planting of several 'Avenue of Honour' trees as part of this landscape.

Throughout the project Ecodynamics provided our client with a high level of flexibility, particularly in response to prevailing climatic conditions and their effect on construction timelines. This ensured that the project could still be delivered to these altered timelines while maintaining the integrity of the original contract.