Southern Expressway Duplication (SED)

The Southern Expressway Duplication Project is a major component of the greater South Road Upgrade scheme. It consists of a mix of grassed (400,000 m2) and planted batters (300,000 tubestock plants and 30,000 m3 of mulch), with 21 stormwater basins (wetlands) spread across the 18km length of the site. 
All planted species are native to the local area, and are designed to complement surrounding vegetation structures with the dominant species being Chenopod, saltbush. This project has been set apart through the installation of Chenopod species batters via direct seeding.
Ecodynamics has faced and overcome many challenges while working on this large construction site, such as working in association with multiple sub-contractors in a very tight construction alignment, working adjacent to a live expressway carriageway and on very little flat ground as a vast majority of garden beds and grassland constructed were on cut and fill batters.
Ecodynamics has successfully covered off every specification inclusive of compost to all planted beds, water bowls for each individual plant, fertiliser addition to each individual plant and a stringent watering regime irrespective of prevailing seasonal conditions.