Playford Wetland Maintenance Contract

Ecodynamics was awarded the three-year contract for the maintenance of the City of Playford's wetlands in October 2012.  The project included sensitive terrestrial and aquatic weed control, rubbish removal, lawn/turf mowing and broadleaf weed control and ongoing aquatic and terrestrial replants to improve the density and vigour of the wetland system.

Ecodynamics specialist nursery and maintenance staff immediately recognised native species in the wetland system that were previously mistaken as exotic weeds. Ecodynamics has successfully eradicated numerous aquatic and terrestrial weed species that had begun to pose problems within the landscaped environment. 

As part of our wetland planting ongoing works, Ecodynamics has developed innovative techniques for growing on advanced aquatic species to plant into the existing Playford Wetlands.  By utilising these advanced species in alternative growing format, we have been able to provide more robust, resilient plants that are less susceptible to drowning.

Ecodynamics works closely with City of Playford to manage water levels within the wetland, a key parameter identified for the successful revegetation of the wetland.

Ecodynamics has been contracted to grow and install 85,000 aquatic reeds into the Munno Para wetland for summer 2014/15.