Natural Resource Management

Services offered:

    • Revegetation activities and maintenance
    • Plant supply and installation
    • Stream frontage Assessments
    • Grassland Management
    • Environmental Rehabilitation

Our extensive experience in Victoria has given us the ability to develop a close working relationship with Melbourne Water and subsequently deliver two of their largest contracts over the past 10 years: the Waterways Alliance and currently the Minor and Low Risk Capital (MaLRC) contract.  In both of these contracts we have "embedded" with Melbourne Water working closely with them to deliver their strategic objectives.  Works delivered in these contracts include weed control, woody weed clearing, litter control, re-vegetation and waterway stabilisation. 

We are constantly training and up skilling our team to make sure they are ready to tackle any job that may present itself in the NRM space and are always looking for such challenges.

Our significant work in this area in South Australia has established Ecodynamics as a preferred service provider in this market.

Our staff's ability to work closely with our clients, using their knowledge to suggest the most efficient ways to get the job done to a consistently high standard has underpinned our ability to build an excellent reputation in this market.

Currently in South Australia we are working for city councils and private land holders on indigenous plant supply and installation, seed collecting and maintenance projects across the north and south of the state.