Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Vegetation Program

Ecodynamics is on the panel for restoration services for the Corong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth Vegetation Program contracted out by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR). Since being awarded a place on this panel Ecodynamics has delivered projects from Lower Lakes commercial plantings, Ruppia collection, and aquatic planting programs. These works have to date planted and guarded 260,000 terrestrial native plants, over 15,000 advanced aquatic plants and the maintenance of these works.

Ecodynamics' involvement in the various facets of the Lower Lakes Program has showcased our ability to mobilise quickly and efficiently resource, manage and deliver large scale rural revegetation and environmental programs to stringent KPI's and productivity requirements. 

The team was able to provide a number of innovative solutions to ensure the projects could be completed to a high standard, always on time and maintained a constant communication channel with the client and applied resources to rectify any problems encountered.

Through the CLLMM program, Ecodynamics has developed a local work crew to deliver its service and been able to provide ongoing work to these staff, both locally and in Adelaide. Engaging heavily with the local community and businesses, Ecodynamics has provided upskilling to local youth, supported local businesses and employed local Aboriginal staff throughout the program. 

Ecodynamics has since continued its involvement with the CLLMM program by providing ongoing maintenance services to the revegetated project areas as well as aquatic planting services to the Lower Lakes region.  We now have a dedicated local crew working in the region on a full time basis.