Koo Wee Rup Bypass

Ecodynamics has long been associated with this regional area of Victoria and has strong associations with Melbourne Water and road constructors providing quality outcomes.

Koo Wee Rup Bypass has a high flora and fauna presence and the creation of bandicoot and Growling Grass Frog habitats were key components of this project. Works were staged around the creation and protection of the eastern barred bandicoot habitat with man-made shelter and planting of preferred indigenous species. Ecodynamics has been able to meet all timelines and milestones associated with these works.

The installation of 240,000 plants through works on drainage lines, wetland and pond creation, main road alignment and a separable portion have been completed to date.

Ecodynamics' ability to alter programs, provide extra assistance to the main contractor to make the most of prevailing conditions and carry out additional works not in the original design, highlights our close working relationships and flexibility to quality outcomes for our clients.