South Australian Desalination Plant

Ecodynamics has worked in partnership with Adelaide Aqua and SA Water to review the design of this project, delivering savings of 50% compared to the original budget.
The project consists of 100,000 m2 of garden beds; 180,000 terrestrial plants; 5ha of native grassing, 40,000 wetland plants across seven wetlands and jute matted vegetated swales concluding with a three-year maintenance period.
Delivering a landscape in conjunction with ongoing civil works in a confined construction area has been resolved by establishing a close network of communication with key civil works staff including engineers, foremen and leading hands resulting in mutual respect and successful outcomes for all parties.
Key outcomes from this project have been an exponential increase in native grass quantities due to a strategic mowing program over the years; a fully developed terrestrial landscape beginning to self-replicate; and new works as a result our professional operations in undertaking the reworks.