St Clair Wetland

This project involved ground preparation of highly compacted soils and the installation of 200,000 plants (terrestrial and aquatic) and approximately 600 tonne of boulders/rockwork. 

$100k worth of irrigation system, including a 110mm mainline, decoder systems and all electrofusion welded connectors ensured ongoing success of the site.  Ecodynamics subcontracted the installation of 8 x stone clad block walls for the bore enclosures on site, designed to match the existing stone work onsite. 

Ecodynamics' expertise in wetland construction ensured that plant species installation was ideally timed to maximise the success and development of the plants.  We have continued to monitor and manage water levels throughout the maintenance phase to create the ideal conditions for plant development.

Challenges of this project included managing an insecure water supply through summer and ensuring water supply through our installed temporary irrigation system was maintained.  We also had to very carefully manage the water levels in the wetland to facilitate the successful establishment of aquatic and ephemeral marsh plantings.

Our 12 month maintenance component of this project began in June 2014 and Ecodynamics are successfully controlling weeds and ensuring the positive visual aesthetics of the site as the surrounding areas are developed for residential sale.